Whether you operate in blending or manufacturing, the optimization of products and processes is a never-ending challenge. Each meat-based product calls for different ingredients, functionalities, and knowledge. In collaboration with Sonac, a worldwide manufacturer of proteins of animal origin, Haarla provides an extensive selection of functional, clean-label, and sustainable meat proteins for the meat and savory sector.

Functional meat proteins are animal-derived ingredients that are used in food processing and formulation. They improve the texture and flavor of the final product, while also providing better emulsification, stability, gelation, and water-binding capacities. Functional meat proteins are often used in the production of processed meats, such as sausages, nuggets, and patties, and even in hybrid meat alternatives that include both plant-based and animal-based ingredients.


There is more to animals than just meat

Back in the day, people used to consume the entire animal from nose to tail. This practice was later largely neglected, as animals started to be utilized for just their meat, leading to food waste and a negative environmental impact. This development can be countered by utilizing more of the edible co-products of animals.

Sonac’s functional meat proteins keep a higher percentage of the raw material in the food chain, contributing to a circular economy and creating sustainable food ingredients for the growing world population. Meat proteins can also be used to partially replace meat and thus decrease the CO2 footprint of the final product.

Sonac’s innovative product portfolio includes the functional poultry proteins QBind Chicken FPP C and QBind Turkey FPP T. They can be used in a range of applications like sausages and patties to improve the quality and yield of the products, to boost their flavor, and to replace or reduce the use of MDM in recipes. Sonac’s porcine-based hydrolyzed collagen powder QBoost Hydro-P-Premium, in turn, helps increase the yield and protein content of meat products while also improving their sliceability.

Let us help you optimize your meat products

Haarla is the official supplier of Sonac products in Finland. The Haarla Food team experts are at your service!