Many industries deal with the hazards of dust emission. Dust control is more than hygiene – it’s a matter of ensuring safe and compliant environments.  

The emission of dust and harmful particles can cause issues all year round, thus requiring a proactive approach. Whether in industrial sites or natural habitats, dust control is a must for reducing the effects of pollution for people, the environment and machinery – particularly in areas close to habitation.  

Dust control is especially relevant in industrial environments involving mining, storage, crushing and grinding, or transportation of raw materials, where dust may also contain heavy metals or other harmful particles. Driving on paved and unpaved roads and even certain weather conditions can help spread unwanted emissions. The effects of dust on machinery, such as clogging and shortening of life span, should also be considered.  

Caring for the environment and people 

Temporary solutions, such as constant watering, salting and lime milk often drain the environment and can make the problem worse. Many dust suppression solutions also require mechanical mixing, which makes the process time-consuming and tedious. What companies need are easy-to-use solutions for lasting effects and safe environments.

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 Acknowledging dust-related issues in different environments is key to happier employees, customers as well as local communities. Haarla has tapped into the latest innovations with its dust binding products that provide simple solutions to the complex issue of dust. 

Diverse and easy ways to prevent dust emission

There are practical solutions for reducing problems arising from dust and small particles. They can be applied to piles of materials, loading areas, roads and conveyor lines, among others. For example, Haarla’s chemical water mixture that creates a thin layer on treated materials or roads prevents dust and harmful particles from being released into the air. It works well on solid materials, including coal and silicates, clays and soils. Utilizing polymer, the solutions are extremely easy to disperse with different watering equipment, such as sprays, after being diluted with water.  

Haarla also offers a solution for unpaved roads, ensuring that no particles are released when driving. The products can be used quickly after dilution, providing results immediately upon drying. They are safe to use with no corrosion, and a very low concentration in solutions is enough to yield results. Effects last long – up to three months on surfaces and roads – and the treatment can be repeated when necessary. 

Instead of quick fixes, we offer effective and lasting solutions for dust control in a variety of circumstances.

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