Functional beverages are increasing in popularity around the world, providing unique opportunities for players in the food industry.

Interest in functional beverages has spiked and is expected to see significant market growth in the coming years. Providing targeted health benefits for increased well-being, they offer a viable option for traditional soft drinks.

Functional beverages are primarily water-based drinks that are supplemented with additional ingredients to increase performance or well-being. Their diverse customer base, ranging from athletes to everyday consumers in different age groups, provides ample possibilities for companies in the food industry to develop something for every consumer.


Infinite possibilities for improving health with functional beverages

Functional beverages include a variety of multipurpose drinks, such as sports and performance drinks, energy drinks, ready-to-drink beverages and functional waters, among others. Providing a range of effects from increased sports performance to recovery, alertness, gut health and hydration, they can be tailored with supplementary ingredients for just the right effect.

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The most common ingredients used for boosting functional beverages include active ingredients, such as minerals, vitamins, amino acids and dietary fibers. They can be mixed for desired flavor and consistency – the opportunities are endless. Finding that unique combination of flavors and health effects can be a crucial competitive advantage in the market.

Enhancing products with lasting flavors

Improving the nutritional value of beverages with natural flavorings is an excellent way to respond to the latest consumer preferences. Whether you seek to diversify drinks with functional ingredients or are looking for vegetable, fruity or woody flavors for beverages to stand out in the market, look no further.

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