Gluten-free solutions are taking over the globe, as people are tackling health issues and seeking new alternatives to gluten.

According to market prognosis, investments in the gluten-free bakery market are estimated to grow annually by 10.8% during 2022–2030. The market is driven by the demand for gluten-free bread, while the biscuits and cookies segment is estimated to grow the second-fastest during this decade.

Gluten-free products include no wheat, barley, spelt, triticale or their derivatives – making them attractive for those with different sensitivities, celiac disease or other conditions. Haarla’s partners in gluten-free solutions include Shubh Psyllium, which distributes psyllium-based solutions and Emsland, a provider of a variety of gluten-free potatoe- and pea-based solutions.

Psyllium husk utilized in gluten-free baking

Psyllium husk has long been used for a variety of health purposes. Produced from the seed of the plantago ovata herb found in Asia, the Mediterranean and North Africa, it can be used as a dietary fiber, with bowel-related health benefits.

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In addition to its fiber-rich and low-carbohydrate levels, psyllium husk acts as a popular binder for bakery products. It provides, for example, that essential crumb-like texture in gluten-free bread, making doughs easy to handle and giving the end results a pleasant mouthfeel. Shubh Psyllium’s products include, among others, whole psyllium husk, psyllium seed and psyllium seed powder form, both conventional and organic.

Emsland Group: Gluten-free, potato- and pea-based solutions for the win

The Emsland Group’s potato- and pea-based products are suitable for various gluten-free food applications.

The Emsland Group’s potato flakes are used for a variety of purposes in foods, such as snacks, potato products and bakery items. The addition of these flakes can, for example, add a desired potato flavor, provide texture support, enable optimal dough building in bread, or even act as a gluten-free breading for food coating. Emsland Group potato flakes come in a variety of consistencies, colors and formulations — also in clean label varieties.

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The Emsland Group portfolio includes a range of gluten-free, modified and clean label, potato and pea starches with a variety of functions, such as thickening, stabilizing and gelling. Modified potato starches are known for their neutral taste and high viscosity and water binding. For example, Emsland Group’s Emjel® and Emwaxy® starches provide texture and enable good baking, freezing and thawing stability in bakery cream and doughs. The clean label potato starch range, Empure,® is perfect for thickening and binding foods, such as soups, sauces, meat analogues and potato products.

The Emsland Group also provides a variety of food-grade fibers and proteins, such as potato and pea fibers, and a range of pea protein isolates. Potato and pea fibers are dietary fibers that enrich food and bakery products and, due to their high water binding, they improve texture. These fibers also give a whole-grain feel to baked goods.

Our gluten-free options provide a world of possibilities for healthy food solutions. Let us help you expand your product portfolio together with our trusted partners. Questions? Get in touch with our experts in the Food team.