The Empro® range by Emsland, redefines the standard for top-tier pea protein isolate products, embodying high quality and nutritional value with a remarkable protein content exceeding 84%. Emsland's proteins possess also low allergenic properties while being entirely non-GMO.
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Source: Emsland Group

Empro® pea protein isolates play a pivotal role in Textured Vegetable Proteins (TVPs), functioning both as a core functional component and a primary protein source. To achieve the desired meat-like texture and facilitate end-product processing, the TVP is efficiently rehydrated using water, typically in a ratio of around 2.5 – 3.0.


Empro® E 86: Transformative Vegan Protein Powerhouse

Among our remarkable offerings, Empro® E 86 takes the spotlight as the preferred choice among Emsland's pea proteins, celebrated for its versatile applications as a premium vegan protein source. Notably, Empro® E 86 imparts a fibrous, meat-like structure to the final product, effectively absorbing water during the TVP rehydration process.

                                            Empro® E 86 HV: Elevating Texture and Versatility

For those seeking enhanced texture and viscosity, Empro® E 86 HV emerges as a compelling counterpart to E 86. Its heightened viscosity lends itself exceptionally well to serving as a dairy alternative, delivering a delightful texture to end products. Additionally, Empro® E 86 HV finds its place in applications such as TVP dry extrusion and as an emulsifying agent, effectively replacing traditional egg-based roles.

                                           Empro® E 86 F30: Smoothness and Flavor

Introducing a novel addition to our lineup, Empro® E 86 F30 redefines pea protein isolate with its neutral flavor profile and optimized particle size, ensuring a remarkably smooth texture in the final product. Empro® E 86 F30 demonstrates exceptional solubility, custom-tailored for use in a spectrum of beverages, ice creams, and various dessert creations.

Empro® E 86 LS: Healthful Excellence in Low Sodium Protein

Recognizing the significance of health-conscious choices, we proudly present Empro® E 86 LS, notable for its low sodium content and the additional health benefits it provides in tandem with its plant-based nutritional profile. The agglomeration process enhances the extrusion processability of Empro® E 86 LS, making it particularly well-suited for extruded product applications.

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