Empro® Pea protein isolate products are a valuable ingredient that is high in nutrition (protein content >84%), low allergenic and non-GMO.  Empro products are used in TVPs as the main functional component and protein source.  For the TVP to obtain its meat-like bite and for end product processing, it is rehydrated with water in a ratio of approximately 2.5 – 3.0. 

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Source: Emsland Group

Empro® E 86 is the most used version of Emsland’s pea proteins and has many applications as a source of vegan protein. Empro® E 86 provides a fibrous/ meat like structure in the final product with good water absorption during rehydration of the TVP`s.

 Empro® E 86 HV is a similar product to E 86, but with a higher viscosity. Empro® E 86 HV works perfectly as a dairy alternative, as the higher viscosity gives an excellent texture in end products. It is also used in applications for TVP dry extrusion and as an emulsifier as a substitute for eggs. . 

Empro® E 86 F30 is a new pea protein Isolate with a neutral taste and an optimised particle size to provide a very smooth texture in the final product.  Empro® E 86 F30 has a high solubility, developed specifically for use in beverages, ice creams and other desserts. 

Empro® E 86 LS is low in sodium and so offers this additional health benefit alongside the nutritional aspects of plant-based protein. Due to the agglomeration, Empro® E 86 LS has a better processability within the extrusion process. It is particularly suitable for extruded products.  For more detailed information on the potential uses for Emsland Pea proteins in your production line, contact Haarla expert Mikko Kymäläinen.

For more detailed information on the potential uses for Pea proteins in your production line, contact HaarlaFood expert – Mikko Kymäläinen.