The demand for innovations around dairy and dairy alternatives is transforming the food industry as consumers increasingly prefer health-conscious and plant-based diets.

Among these innovations are modified starches and pea protein isolates which are used to improve the mouthfeel, texture and the nutritional properties in dairy and non-dairy products. Haarla’s trusted partner Emsland Group provides the full spectrum of food and drink solutions based on the latest R&D.

Modified starches enable diverse dairy alternatives

Modified starches have become a game-changer in the production of different alternatives to dairy products. They enable a creamy texture in in vegan yogurts and cheese, mimicking the feel of traditional dairy foods. Because of their chemical modifications and high functionality, modified starches are perfect for improving the stability and texture of dairy-free formulations, including dairy-free ice creams, yogurts and cheese products.

Emsland utilizes modified starches for processed and vegan cheese developed with a range of desirable qualities, including improved slicing and melting properties. The vegan parmesan-like cheese for example, has excellent shredding performance and authentic structure. Emsland's modified starches are also highly used in dairy and vegan cooking creams to gain smooth mouthfeel, better bake stablity and improved emulsification properties. Also for the applications such as dairy and vegan puddings & desserts you can find many suitable products from Emsland's product portfolio.

Modified starches and pea protein isolates

Pea protein isolates – plant-based flexibility

Pea protein isolates are another nutritionally rich solution in the world of dairy-free foods and drinks. Derived from yellow split peas and produced by wet processing methods, they can be used to provide texture and protein source in alternatives to traditional dairy products. Due to their high protein and amino acid content, pea protein isolates are an excellent addition to vegan and vegetarian diets. They are used in different dairy alternative applications, including pea-based milk, snacks, and meat alternatives. Containing no major allergens or GMO raw materials, they cater to a large group of health-conscious consumers.

Emsland’s Empro product portfolio includes a pea protein isolate with a fine particle size that is suitable for non-dairy drinks, plant-based cheese and protein shakes. The high-viscosity option on the other hand, is particularly well-suited for producing textured vegetable proteins (TVP), meat alternatives and salad dressings. For texturized proteins and meat analogues, look to the low-sodium pea protein isolate. The portfolio’s ice cream based on pea protein isolates a come in both vegan and dairy as well as lower fat options – always with a creamy mouthfeel.

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