Meet the world’s only 100 % wood-based vanillin

Haarla is constantly on the lookout for innovative and sustainable raw materials that can meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Together with our partner Borregaard – the Norway-based biorefinery specialized in environmentally friendly production of biochemicals – we provide the Finnish and Swedish markets with a sustainable wood-based vanillin. With its natural antimicrobial and antioxidant qualities, the Eurovanillin© Supreme can be added to cosmetics and personal care products both to increase their shelf life and to add a pleasant fragrance.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the synthetic ingredients found in everyday products, and the demand for natural and preservative-free alternatives is becoming more and more mainstream. At the same time, producers of cosmetics and personal care products are working hard to find environmentally friendly, plant-based raw materials that do not compromise the product qualities.

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With its Nordic origins, the Eurovanillin© Supreme sets the standard for high quality and reliability.

To meet these changes in the market, Borregaard has developed the world’s only 100 % wood-based vanillin. As the exclusive partner of Borregaard in Finland and Sweden, Haarla is proud to offer Eurovanillin© Supreme for our customers in the Health and Wellbeing segment. This unique Nordic vanillin, made from Norwegian spruce wood, naturally extends the shelf life of cosmetics, and can offer an alternative to synthetic preservatives.

As opposed to guaiacol-based vanillin, the Borregaard Eurovanillin© Supreme is fully lignin-based and safe for the planet. The raw material for the vanillin is sourced from PEFC and FSC certified forests, ensuring a sustainable forest management and a healthy environment for generations to come. With its Nordic origins, the Eurovanillin© Supreme sets the standard for high quality and reliability.

The Eurovanillin© Supreme is defined as a Derived Natural ingredient for cosmetics and personal care (International Standard ISO 16128-1). Compared with the production of conventional guaiacol-based vanillin synthesized from crude oil, the production of Eurovanillin© Supreme causes 90 % less CO2 emissions.

Plant-based antimicrobial qualities

Vanillin possesses natural antimicrobial and antioxidant qualities. When added to cosmetics or personal care products, it prevents the growth of microbes, yeasts and fungi and can thus be used to reduce, or even replace, synthetic preservatives.

The non-toxic and non-irritant Eurovanillin© Supreme is an interesting alternative not only for the natural cosmetics manufacturers, but also for those looking to just reduce the amount of synthetic preservatives in their products. With this wood-based vanillin, the final products can reach a longer shelf life. Borregaard Eurovanillin© Supreme can also be used as a natural, non-irritant fragrance in cosmetics and personal care products. Its scent, typical for vanillin, is mild and tolerated by most, and masks undesirable odors.

At Haarla, we always want to help our customers make good choices. If you want to discuss the potential uses for bio-based vanillin in your production, the Haarla experts in our Health & Wellbeing segment are at your service.

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