The demand for plant-based foods is greater than ever, and dairy alternatives are drawing the interest of producers and consumers alike. In addition to vegans, many others are also turning to a flexitarian lifestyle. Together with its partner Condetta, Haarla offers a variety of innovations for plant-based products – from partial solutions to delicious ready-made foods.

Plant-based products have boomed across the globe, providing new opportunities in all food segments. According to a report by Facts and Factors, the growing demand for natural and organic food will likely be the drivers of the global vegan protein foods market, as people are moving away from synthetic foods.

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Haarla’s trusted partner Condetta distributes thousands of tons of compounds across continents every year, manufacturing certified products in vegan, organic, Halal and Kosher quality. It has honed plant-based alternatives with excellence, from powder formulations to mouth-watering drinks and foods for every taste.

Vegan protein desserts - treats proving that plant-based is delicious

Condetta’s range of bases includes oat, almond and fava bean – and many more. All of them score positively for taste, texture and mouthfeel and are suitable for a range of applications. The wide selection caters to different tastes in powder form, providing the perfect starting point for snacks, drinks, foods and desserts.

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For example, high-protein desserts based on fava bean, including pudding, mousse and others, are an athlete’s best friend. Baking can also be enhanced with Condetta’s solutions such as plant-based cream stabilizer, used for stabilizing whipped cream alternatives in cakes and baked goods without gelatine. Oat-based custard cream is another dairy-free delight for baked goods, completely free of soy, enzymes, artificial colors and preservatives.

Vegan proteins in frozen dessert industry

One sector significantly impacted by new trends is the frozen dessert industry, with vegan ice creams at the forefront. For B2B food companies, incorporating vegan proteins into ice cream production is a way to tap into ethical and environmental values while accessing a range of new opportunities. The different plant-based ingredients of vegan ice creams provide possibilities for culinary creativity while serving diverse consumer preferences with unique flavors.

Vegan ice creams produced from plant-based ingredients and proteins cater particularly to a growing demographic of health-conscious consumers. These frozen dairy-free treats are perfect for those with lactose intolerance or high cholesterol. With these products, dairy allergies or sensitivities are also not an issue.

Condetta provides ice cream alternatives made of oat and coconut, available in both hard and soft textures. Their vegan proteins, such as pea protein or almond protein, provide essential nutrients. How about a budget-friendly and cruelty-free version of the delicious classic, instant soft ice cream?

Spice up your vegan offering

Through Haarla, you have access to Condetta’s vegan foods tailored with thousands of recipes. Haarla is the official distributor for Condetta in the Nordics. If you want to find out about the possibilities for your vegan portfolio, Haarla’s experts in the food team are happy to help.